At the core of TrueDEM™ analysis and alerting is our Artificial Intelligence (AI) or engine. Because it uses an intelligent engine, TrueDEM™ does not rely on fixed thresholds for determining whether your users’ experience is positive or not. TrueDEM does not wait for 60 seconds to “timeout” a login. It knows far in advance if the results show signs of problem.

How good is TrueDEM™’s AI engine?


TrueDEM caught the February 3, 2020 Microsoft Teams outage more than 90 minutes before other Office 365 or general purpose digital experience monitoring products. And two hours before Microsoft made a formal announcement that an issue has been identified with Microsoft Teams.


How do we do it? TrueDEM™ uses an algorithm that we wrote ourselves, so we can’t give you all of the secrets. But we can give you some insight.

Strictly speaking, the real time data analysis is performed by more of a Machine Learning (ML) engine, not an artificial intelligence engine. Machine learning focuses on learning about a specific domain of information, whereas AI should be able to solve any problem. But such a distinction is often lost in day to day conversation. Our ML engine performs what we call Perfraction™. Its design was not influenced by older monitoring concepts. Concepts developed long before the cloud was “a thing”. Perfraction was built for 2020 and beyond. TrueDEM’s analysis engine takes a complete and unbiased approach to evaluating the incoming data that it receives. The result is a better user experience, through accurate and early issue identification.

You can (and should) read about Perfraction here.