With so many remote users today, monitoring their Microsoft 365 experience is a requirement, not an option. Deploying that monitoring solution should be the easy part. That’s why TrueDEM® can be deployed worldwide in about 15 minutes. Deploying TrueDEM requires no admin accounts or special permissions.  TrueDEM was built from the ground up with security foremost, so we don't store any personally identifiable information. And TrueDEM is a SaaS solution, so you don’t need to stand up any special servers. No special firewall ports need to be opened. Instead of putting “probes” or “robots” on select machines, you can put TrueDEM on all of your Windows 10 devices in a matter of minutes. You won’t need any assistance from our support team. (Of course, we're available to help when you want it.)

There are several deployment options to choose from. Microsoft Endpoint Manager or Intune is the easiest method for most enterprises. You can also use the Microsoft Store, or even deliver an installation package that your users can deploy in a few clicks.

It’s that easy.  In just a few minutes, each TrueDEM agent will begin securely communicating with our cloud-based Pefraction® AI to monitor the entire data journey.  From the user's device, through the ISP, to Microsoft endpoints, and back again. Our TrueDEM agent performs real monitoring, not synthetic transactions. You’ll get actual facts about the voice quality during each real Teams meeting. Get comprehensive information about each user’s device, including local Wi-Fi, during a call. Exchange and SharePoint too. There’s no background activity that might interfere with performance.

See for yourself in the short demo video below. See what it looks like to deploy a true Digital Experience Monitoring solution worldwide in about 15 minutes. Easy.