It’s hard enough to manage today’s remote environments. Yet, you must monitor your remote users to stay aware of their Microsoft 365 experiences. If you already have your own visualization solution you shouldn’t have to open yet another application. You just need the vital data feed. That’s where TrueDEM® really stands out from the pack.  No server necessary.Visualizations

We could give you more data than you could imagine. Tons of data (well, if you could weigh it…) in fact. So we don't just dump data, we give you the key insights from our Perfraction AI.  For example, real user session information on Microsoft 365.  The user’s ISP network performance info. Information on the entire data journey, including the Microsoft data endpoints.

The TrueDEM agent also keeps an eye on every user’s device. Hardware issues can be the Achilles heel of a Teams session. What audio device are they using? What version of Windows 10? What was their local Wi-Fi signal strength during that failed Teams call they just ticketed you about? Just because the Microsoft Teams Call Quality Dashboard implied that a call was “good” does not mean that was true for every user in the call. We can prove it.

So, how does this work if we don’t require you to create a server and install some admin console? It works amazingly well, and it's fast. You just deploy our TrueDEM agent to all your devices. That will take about 15 minutes, worldwide. (Not a typo…) It's easy, because TrueDEM requires no admin rights, and no special firewall ports. 15 minutes later, the data starts flowing on an encrypted path to our cloud-based SaaS engine. Our Perfraction® AI will package the information and deliver it to the visualization method of your choice.  Use our UI or one of your own. Use Grafana, Tableau, PowerBI, or whatever you prefer. Curate, sort, and see the data the way you want to effectively empower your support team. We can even get you started with a basic display if you’d like.

Real users. Real data. Real fast. Just the way you want it.