Abstract of worldwide deployment

Simple deployment equals cost savings

You can spin up Office 365 with all its power in just a few minutes. So, why would you use a DEM vendor that still requires several meetings and hours of remote assistance just to get running?

Traditional monitoring products often require vendor assistance with the installation of their complex "agents", "robots", "probes", etc. And these solutions often have extensive requirements. They typically need the configuration of dedicated VMs, or even worse, physical machines. Maybe that's why they claim you only need a single probe per location because it takes so long to set it up. Deployment becomes an expensive, time-consuming chore.

Perfrax is modern, and it shows. No installation baggage from outdated methods. With Perfrax’s TrueDEM™, just one action in our admin portal deploys to all your Windows machines. Worldwide. One more action delivers to all your mobile devices.

We are here if you need us. And we are happy to provide exceptional customer service. But you can easily get started without us. Because our only installation requirement? Office 365.

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