There is no digital experience monitoring (DEM) product today that can be implemented as quickly as TrueDEM™.

Deploying TrueDEM™ takes approximately 45 minutes – regardless of the number of users you need to target. 100,000? 200,000? A million? It’s always the same deployment effort. Simply decide on the scope you wish to begin with and assign the TrueDEM™ solution to the users. Subsequent batches of users? It just takes a few minutes to expand the scope.

Even without deployment, you can still optimize your support calls. TrueDEM™ is an “app store” style install, requires no special administrative permissions and takes less than a minute to install and send the first data back to your user support console. You’ll have actionable telemetry data faster than the time it would have taken for basic troubleshooting.

What’s in a Name?

There is a reason we named our product TrueDEM. Digital experience monitoring, or DEM for short, is a term for products monitoring end user experience on SaaS platforms. Most DEM products cover one small subset of functionality. Many use concepts that mattered for on-premises networks 20 years ago. If you work on the network team, I am sure you know very well that far too often the network is the first thing blamed for SaaS issues. And TrueDEM is the only product truly monitoring all of the components of end user experience in one offering.

You’ll reduce support costs more than you’d anticipate

Any viable product can detect big issues. Most products would be consider capturing 98% of the issues to be a success. For a MSP with hundreds of thousands of users, that still means hundreds of support tickets. What if you could proactively detect a disparate issue that’s widespread but seems to be affecting only a small subset of your users? With TrueDEM by Perfrax, you can.

TrueDEM’s exceptionally low labor requirements ensure that you do not need to invest in new labor resources to deploy and manage the solution. And the accuracy of the data, available for each individual user, on each of their devices, ensures that your support team is not spending time on lengthy support calls. Let’s look at an example.

Imagine this scenario: You get a sudden influx of more than 300 performance-related support tickets. Tier One suspects an outage exists, and escalates to your higher-cost Tiers Two and Three teams. The number of tickets seems to validate a problem. The problem has spread across a number of customers, yet only a handful of users in each. A deeper analysis using available tools and Microsoft status alerts does not reveal a pattern or commonality. Meanwhile, the problem has already mysteriously abated as quickly as it appeared. Hours invested across multiple resources, and the problem disappears. When your customers want an explanation of the outage, no clear details are available.

TrueDEM™ by Perfrax is the only viable solution for large MSPs.

Let’s reimagine the scenario: Your operations center has a TrueDEM™ dashboard dedicated to showing anomalies. A new issue has been detected. TrueDEM™ has identified a problem affecting just a couple of servers in Office 365. This affects 3,000 of your managed users across 52 clients. It’s a lot of people to you and your customers. But to large SaaS platforms such as Microsoft 365, it does not register any major outage alarms.. What if you use other monitoring technologies, probes at client locations for example? This wouldn’t even be a blip on the radar using legacy monitoring or troubleshooting techniques. But TrueDEM™ can see it.

We see the issue because we see 3000 impacted users. And we monitor more accurately and further into the Microsoft 365 infrastructure than any other solution. As a direct result, we know the common thread in this problem.

Now you need to notify just a handful of users across 52 clients – Before 300 time consuming performance related support tickets arrive. Email is not timely enough for rapid alerting. (And could even be the affected service.). With TrueDEM you simply choose to notify all affected users by a push notification. And when the problem is resolved, affected users are notified again.

With TrueDEM. you can proactively manage the issue. No need to allocate expensive resources. Some people may still want to call. But there will be far fewer calls, and the calls will be resolved with a definitive outcome, providing a high degree of user satisfaction. Fewer calls, faster resolution, and increased customer satisfaction. That’s the trifecta that you’re looking for.

See a list of our top features, all of which are included for MSPs

Ready to see our product in action? You can run TrueDEM at clients for no cost.