Microsoft Teams Rooms Monitoring

Microsoft Teams Rooms Monitoring by TrueDEM® is the only solution on the market that provides you with better monitoring AND delivers substantial cost savings.  You can save 70% on monitoring costs compared to Microsoft's integrated solution.

Key Features

  • Proactive Monitoring - Unlike other methods of gathering data, TrueDEM not rely solely on passive logging from the Microsoft Teams Room App or the OS. We gather all this detail, but we combine it with proactive health and configuration data, plus performance metrics outside of the App defaults. This allows us to do a much more accurate root cause analysis.
  • Configuration Change Monitoring - Why did the microphone work last week, but not this week?  Maybe the firmware was updated.  Or perhaps a user inadvertently moved the device and changed the connection slightly.  Seeming small changes to the Microsoft Teams Rooms configuration may not immediately cause user complaints.  We monitor the full configuration of a Microsoft Teams Rooms system on a consistent basis.  Even small changes are highlighted for your review. This ensures your team identifies problems with a Microsoft Teams Rooms system well before users.
  • Zero User Impact - We do not impact Microsoft Teams performance or call quality because we are device-status aware. We know when the MTR device is in use and we avoid all invasive testing during such times.
  • Installs in Minutes, not Days

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Highlights of What We Monitor on Microsoft Teams Rooms Devices

  • Front of room display(s)
  • Microphone(s)
  • Speaker(s)
  • Main Video camera(s)
  • Content Camera
  • Motion Sensor
  • HDMI Ingest Functionality
  • Touchscreen status
  • Firmware for all components
  • Bluetooth devices, including configuration detail (to help identify devices that are not properly broadcasting)
  • Health for the main compute device and any integrated components
  • CPU, Memory, Disk, Network Utilization
Software Status
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms app version
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms App Restart Monitoring
  • Private CA Certificate Status (if applicable)
  • Windows Version
  • Last Windows Update - Current Status and last installation date.
  • Driver versions for all installed devices
  • Listing of all failed or missing hardware devices and the OS provided status
  • Network status with change detection
  • Automatic Proxy Detection, including identification of changes in proxy configuration
  • Monitoring Performance from you Microsoft Teams Rooms appliance to the Microsoft network and Microsoft Teams media relays 
  • Monitoring latency on your local network and your ISP that may be impacting your Microsoft Teams Rooms experience.
  • Proactive DNS testing
  • Network connection type, speed, VLAN, and all IP4 and 6 detail
Cloud Connectivity
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms App Sign in Status
  • Proactive connectivity testing and detailed service connectivity analysis to required Microsoft Teams APIs and Microsoft Exchange APIs
  • Proactive Simulations of the Teams platform that are status aware and do not occur during meetinfs.
  • Authentication - Proactive testing of authentication, with full support for Modern Auth, hybrid modern auth and any 3rd party IdPs approved for use in a Microsoft Teams Rooms scenario.
Call Quality

Display of Call Quality Records
Alignment of Call Quality Records with external Issues such as network performance in an upstream location


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