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Worldwide Installation Takes 15 Minutes of Your Time. Even with Employees Working from Home.
Easy to deploy, and yet highly secure. TrueDEM was architected to support the modern enterprise. It is the only end user experience monitoring product operating on the user's device, that can be deployed globally in minutes. Smaller use cases? Such as a new user joining or a one-off install? It takes about 6 seconds to install. Literally.
Teams Call Quality, Office 365 App Performance, End-user Network Quality, Hardware and OS Metrics - Everything Impacting End-User Experience in One Solution.
TrueDEM is designed to gather all of the details you need from the user's device. It gathers user experience for Office 365 Apps, right from the apps. It gathers Microsoft Teams call quality data and Microsoft Teams performance data. It gathers a wide array of network related information such as DNS results, proxy configuration and actual use at a URI by URI level, even network connectivity detail such as Wifi Quality.

TrueDEM gathers hardware level statistics and health indicators. And it gathers key operating system information such as the last time updates were applied and the versions of every Office 365 application installed on the system.
One Dashboard; All the Answers: Is the CEO's account? Her Device or Network? Your Tenant? Microsoft? No More Guessing.
The CEO calls in with an issue. Your support system pops up a window showing the TrueDEM End-user Experience Support dashboard and the dashboard filters right to the CEO's account.

Normally you would struggle to rapidly gather all of the relevant information. Is Wifi the reason for the CEO's poor call quality? Or perhaps her headset is malfunctioning. Missing updates for an Office 365 App? There are so many possibilities and it can take time to gather the information. And we all know CEOs do not have a lot of spare time.

But if you use TrueDEM you have all of this information available, in one single "pane of glass". You see the CEOs most recent user experience metrics. You see what's normal for the CEO. You see the aggregated company information, including any variance from normal so you can answer accurately when she asks "are others having an issue?" And you see crowd sourced user experience metrics as well. Your user, your environment and the world in one single pane of glass.
VDI or DaaS? TrueDEM is perfect for both Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Desktop as a Service Scenarios.
We are the only end user experience monitoring solution for Office 365 and Microsoft 365 that works perfectly in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Scenarios. TruDEM provides user-level experience metrics from within your VDI and DaaS platforms. Even better, our code is very low impact to your infrastructure. You won't need to increase your computer power just to implement our solution.

Our technology was built for all modern use cases. Monitoring end user experience for Office 365 inside VDI or DaaS platforms is clearly a modern use case.
Crowd Performance Indicators™ (CPI). TrueDEM CPIs are Crowd-sourced Performance Data and Trends that Actually Help.
Typical crowd-sourced metrics are sloppy. They show you large amounts of user experience data from end user populations that are truly dissimilar from your users. Even worse, some sites let the "mob" vote on the existence of problems.

At Perfrax we knew that crowd-sourced data could have value, if it was handled properly. So that's what we do. TrueDEM provides you with our industry-first Crowd Performance Indicators™ (CPIs) for end user experience in Microsoft 365 and other key monitored SaaS platforms.

Our artificial intelligence engines reevaluate crowd sourced data and identify what matters most. We understand the common end user experience and how SaaS platforms are performing compared to how they normally perform. TrueDEM's Crowd Performance Indicators (CPIs) separate the true value present in the noise of Crowd Sourced Monitoring .

The result? TrueDEM can tell you if Microsoft Teams message history loading is taking longer today. Longer in the world, your region, your country, or longer for only the CEO.
Universal Email Flow. Forget Having One Bot Send Fake Messages. Complete Mail Routing and Flow Monitoring.
TrueDEM provides the most advanced and complete view of organizational mail flow of any product. Mail flow to and from the tenant is important for sure. But a positive user experience with email on Office 365 means that users were able to send and receive mail in the client application of their choosing, on any device.

With universal mail flow monitoring from TrueDEM, Alerts are faster and more accurate. Each minute, the Artificial Intelligence engine evaluates flow in your environment. Changes in external mail flow are easily detected by the AI engine. Because actual email use patterns inform the AI engine of normal mail flow, we do not wait for several failed fake messages to warn you of an issue.

For example, how would you know if mail flow inside of a tenant was functioning properly, but client protocols to send or receive email were failing? (This type of outage literally just happened.). TrueDEM monitors mail flow on end-user devices and provides the statistics to our Artificial Intelligence Engine. This isn't data from one or two probes. This is data from all users. You know email health for the entire organization. You will know for certain that every single version of Outlook running in the company can send and receive email.

Outages are never missed because the probe was on a "lucky server". Universal Monitoring, Universal Visibility, Rapid Alerting.
Real User Simulations™ Provide the only Accurate Simulations.
The only way to monitor end-user experience with Office 365 is to monitor the actual users. We can't say it enough. End-User Experience Monitoring Requires that You Monitor the User!

But what happens when users are away? Perhaps on a break or on an "old-fashioned" phone call....using a phone instead of Microsoft Teams? TrueDEM is aware of the user's activity on the device. And when the user is away TrueDEM switches to Real User Simulation™ mode. Real User Simulations run on the user's device, using the same hardware as the user, the same Office 365 Apps and Operating System, even the same network as the user.

Generic probe based products can claim they are "accurate". But in the face of real accuracy, performing synthetic transactions in the user's virtual shoes, it becomes obvious just how inaccurate bot-based products truly are.
Integrated Security Tiers - Perfect for MSPs and Global Companies
TrueDEM has a powerful integrated permissions system. As a partner supporting clients, you can enable a global dashboard that shows all of your clients, while providing branded dashboards to each client. All using the same URL.

GDPR requirements on who can see EU users? Covered.

How about advanced scenarios such as authentication integration with your own system? Or a sub-partner scenario? TrueDEM supports these scenarios as well.
3rd Party Identity Providers? Yes. Password Storage? Never.
TrueDEM works with any third party Identity Provider (IdP) you may be using with Microsoft 365 , your Office 365 Apps or any other SaaS platform.

And you will never see our documentation telling you that certain characters are restricted from passwords. Because we NEVER store passwords. Modern applications using up-to-date methodologies should never need to store a password. If your current vendor is storing a password anywhere, it is a security red flag that should worry you.

Call us and we'll show you how True Digital Experience Monitoring is done. It's our product name, after all.
Monitor Custom URLs, Including Other SaaS Platforms
Our software is the most powerful end-user experience monitoring application available on the market today. Out of the box we include common Microsoft 365 URLs and Office 365 Apps. But we have a powerful engine that can perform enhanced monitoring of any URL, including any authentication method you require.
"Canary Mode" Runs Synthetic Transactions from a Virtual Machine or IoT Probe 24x7 From Your Office or Datacenter
Sometimes a control point based in the datacenter is a nice-to-have reference point. Or perhaps you need to gather details from a company owned and managed location even if users are quarantined at home. TrueDEM can be installed in what we call Canary Mode. Canary Mode could be compared to a "full-time" Real User Simulation. It installs on a Windows VM or even a small, low end Windows 10 IoT device such as a Qualcomm DragonBoard.

One installed, you can have your TrueDEM Canary run simulations 24x7 from as many locations as you like.
Alerting, your style: ServiceNow. Push Notifications to Mobile. Webhooks. PowerApps. SMS. Email. Sent to admins or end users.
We support a near infinite combination of alerting methods. We integrate with premier platforms such as ServiceNow. We support open source technologies such as webhooks and push notifications to mobile devices. And we can do the "old stuff" too. SMS and Email options are available as well.

What happens when you have an issue so isolated it is affecting users currently located on just one mailbox server. TrueDEM knows who is on that server. And it can push targeted alerts letting only the affected users know about an incident. And when it's over, we'll automatically let this group know.
Monitor User Experience on the User’s Device While Ensuring Privacy Compliance with GDPR and CCPA.
TrueDEM was created in the modern enterprise era. Personally identifiable information is removed when users are working in locations other than corporate offices. And we do so in a manner that does not limit your ability to support your end users.
Real-time NOC Dashboards Display Easy to Comprehend KPIs.
We don't use random game theory to decide how to display your data. We use intelligence. Artificial Intelligence to be specific.

Our dashboards display the outcomes from our Perfraction© artificial intelligence engine. They are constantly evaluating user experience and providing you with easy-to -read gauges showing how far off of historical and AI based predictions your environment is. If you prefer to see numerical KPIs, we can show those too. And they are also color coded, making it easy to spot a problem from across the room. And when we say real time, we mean real time. Our real-time dashboards commonly receive new data several times a second in large environments.
Artificial Intelligence Triggers Additional Tests to Automatically Validate the Scope of an issue.
When a potential problem is detected, the AI engine dispatches additional tests to TrueDEM agents on user devices. Perhaps an issue seems to be occurring on a specific mailbox server. TrueDEM will request updated test results from other user accounts on those servers. And if it seems to be a regional ISP Issue? A TrueDEM agent on a different ISP will be asked to gather data.

TrueDEM's AI engine is constantly working to validate the scope of any potential issues. You will not be left guessing and trying to determine where a problem exists.