Mid-March into early April 2021 was difficult for those of us who work and spend our days in Microsoft 365, Office 365 or Microsoft Azure.  But these weeks were even harder on those who support user populations in Microsoft's platform.  First, a massive global authentication outage.  And within weeks, a global DNS outage.  

It is easy to feel powerless when your source of truth is Twitter or a status feed that is always behind the actual problem.  But what if you could be notified an issue was coming one hour before authentication failed, and more than 1.5 hours before any formal SaaS platform notification?  How would you manage an outage if you knew in advance, knew who was affected, and had time to notify users while they can login?  

Join our webinar on demand and we will show you how TrueDEM detects outages not only before the Microsoft notifications, but before users start noticing the impact of the outage.